CountBot v3

Learn about changes in the latest CountBot update.

CountBot v3 Update

During our BreMea Development Event earlier this month, we announced the CountBot v3.0 update. Our team has spent the past few months completely rewriting CountBot from the ground up to be more preformant and introduce new features. In this article, we’ll be outlining in greater detail some of these changes and how they can affect users of CountBot.

We’ve poured a lot of love into this update and we hope you will enjoy it as much as we do! If you have any questions, please ask in our support server.

Introducing Battles

Back in February, our team announced CountBot: Adventure Mode. Since then, we’ve revisited the Adventure Mode idea a few times to make some changes. We’re proud to announce the final version of Adventure Mode; battles. Battles allow you to team up with allies and battle other CountBot players around the world.

All CountBot users will now have an ally. Allies are characters with special abilities that can be used in battle. These abilities usually consist of special items that can either aid yourself or harm your opponent. By battling frequently and collecting rubies (more on these later), you can buy new and more powerful allies in the shop.

At launch, our team plans for five unique allies - Quacky, SnoSno, Harumi, Dr. T, and Anaya. We have over 50 allies planned and hope to introduce a new ally at least once per month. Each ally has a leveling system, and by collecting XP in battles you can level up your ally to make them stronger.

Battles will last 90 seconds, and during that time your goal is to count as high as possible. Every number you count will gain you a point, which can be used to activate your ally’s ability. The player with the most points at the end of the battle wins.

Updates to Stats and Introducing Rubies

Due to the new ally system, our team decided to make some changes to stats. The most notable change of the v3 update will be the resetting of XP and coins. When v3 launches, we will be removing XP and resetting coin amounts to 0 for all users.

Our main reason for removing user XP is due to the new per-ally XP system. We want users to engage in battles and we believe that by removing user XP it will help shift the focus to levelling up allies through battling.

Coins are being reset due to numerous exploits and bugs that allowed a select number of users to quickly gain mass amounts of coins without actually counting. In addition to this, many users have massive numbers of coins that hurts the bot’s economy as a whole. Due to these reasons, and after lots of meetings and discussion with our team and players, we’ve decided it’s best to reset all coins to 0 with the launch of v3.

With v3, we’ve also decided to introduce a new currency alongside coins - rubies. Rubies are able to be gained through battles, voting, or by purchasing them in the shop. Rubies will be able to be used to purchase allies, purchase exclusive skins for your allies, purchase taunts that can be used in battle, and level up items to make them stronger.

Redesigned Leaderboard

With the removal of the user XP system, we’ve decided to switch the leaderboard in v3 to a new ranking system based on your win loss ratio. The leaderboard will also be reset on a monthly basis to allow new players a chance to gain spots on the leaderboard. This will only affect the global leaderboard - server leaderboards will be based on total numbers counted instead, and won’t reset monthly.


Something we’re super excited to launch in v3 is CountBot Turbo! Turbo is a monthly subscription at $2.69 USD/mo. With Turbo, you can help support CountBot’s development directly and allow us to pay for expenses that are part of running CountBot. In addition, you get sweet perks such as:

- Unlimited Counting Channels
- Premium Badge
- Replay Battles
- Exclusive Skins
- Exclusive Taunts
- Exclusive Bot
- Competition Mode
- Custom Taunts
- Server Leaderboard Management

Slash Commands

Another large change we’re making in v3 is the switch to slash commands. If you’re unaware, Discord has introduced new slash commands for bots. Slash commands give a much better user experience with using CountBot by providing an intuitive UI when using commands. More details about slash commands will be announced closer to launch.

We want to thank you all for your continued support over this past year. We cannot believe the size CountBot has grown to! Thank you all for using the bot, and we hope you’ll enjoy the v3 update as much as we do.

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