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BreMea Event 2021

Learn about new projects we're working on.

Hello! Our CountBot Anniversary event has gone live! Please join us as we release new projects and celebrate Countbot's anniversary.

Watch the full event here:

Countbot: Adventure Mode CountBot was released last year on July 1st! In our new update, you'll be able to battle other Countbot users in quick matches, and you'll be able to battle with our new champions. You can call champions into battle to help you compete with other users. All champions have a custom back story and art. We will be releasing 5 champions at the start, and new champions will arrive every 2-3 weeks.

Countbot v3 We are also releasing Countbot 3.0 to fix major bugs and release Countbot Turbo! With a $6.99 bundle deal from Tixte, you'll get all the perks of Countbot Turbo and Tixte turbo. More information is coming soon!

Atori: A new type of competitive MOBA We will be releasing a new game, Atori; our take on a competitive MOBA. The fast-nature of this game requires teamwork, so your team doesn't get eliminated! While we're still in our early stages of testing, you can follow us at @playatori for updates.

Mixbot: An intelligent music system We're working on our own intelligent music bot with features never seen before. One of these features is recommended music. Mixbot will make music recommendations based on the music in your queue and previously played music in your server. We will also be releasing a voice assistant mode onto Mixbot for hands-free listening. This assistant can not only control the music, but also set reminders. Mixbot will also have party games like trivia and guess that song! We'll share more information as we're closer to launch so check out our twitter, @getmixbot.

BreMea Education: A new way to learn We will be working on a new version of education technology, and we will be using our team to solve real-world problems! Alongside local school systems, we will be adopting Countbot and others into the school-system space.

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BreMea Event 2021

Learn about new projects we're working on.

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