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Due to how international our team is, we operate fully remotely. Our team members communicate through Discord, a free VoIP chat software that allows for text and voice chat. Discord allows our teams to connect and collaborate, even when they are miles apart.

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One of our highest priorities is the mental health of our team members. We have a robust Employee Support Program that provides everyone with free counseling services and mandated days off. We beileve mental health should always be prioritized over one's work.

Due to international regulations and the diversity in our team it's very difficult to run BreMea Dev like a conventional company, so we had to get creative. Our team members are paid on a commission basis, or per assignment they complete. Each team member will be working on a development team, where the project manager will post assignments. Team members can accept these and work on them while collaborating with others to ensure their work will fit in well into the final product.

Not only is this style of work very efficent, but it continues our goal of prioritizing mental wellness. With this commission based system staff can take regular absences without having to worry about consequences.

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Life at bremea

As a fully-remote company, we operate in our own creative process.

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We have an extensive hiring process to ensure candidates are fit for their role.

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