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How we hire

Our hiring process and work is entirely remote, meaning you can apply no matter where you live! To get started, click the "APPLY NOW" button on the job listing page and fill out the form. We should get back to you in 24 hours.

If your application looks good, we'll ask for an interview. Interviews are conducted via Discord in our Discord server, Cube Club. In interviews, we'll ask some questions to see how well you fit in the position you've applied for. We look for professionalism, confidence and a sense that you know what you're talking about.

In some interviews, we may request that you do live work, such as programming. We'll provide details to you during the interview of what should be done. We do this to see how skilled you are in specific areas and how well you may fit into our production line.

After interviews, we ask for time to finish all interviews plus a week to review notes and finalize our decision with HR. We'll reach out to you letting you know if you were accepted. Upon acceptence, new staff undergo mandatory training and a practice assignment with a dedicated manager.

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As a fully-remote company, we operate in our own creative process.

Our hiring process

We have an extensive hiring process to ensure candidates are fit for their role.

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We build interactive experiences. Get to know what exactly it is we do.

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