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Our Story

BreMea Development was founded last year with the goal of bringing interactive experiences to new mediums. Our first project was CountBot, an experimental Discord Bot that allowed you to compete with others in counting channels. Since its debut CountBot has amassed over 2.1k servers and 800,000 users.

As our team grew, we set our focus on more ambitious projects that deliver engaging experiences on a diverse set of platforms. We’ve since announced MixBot, a smart music bot for Discord, and MineMaker, a Minecraft creative server that gives creative freedom to all players.

Currently, our team stands at over 30 people. We are located in 17 countries and speak over 30 languages. Our core values are creativity and teamwork. We offer unique support programs to all employees and work to foster a work environment that everyone can express their talents in.

Our Work

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A highly-customizable bot that creates a channel where you count!

While most multi-purpose bots have a basic counting setup, Counting Bot is a highly-configurable bot only for managing counting channels. This is a fun little bot that could be a great addition to many discord servers. The bot will create and run a channel where your server members can count together. The bot had fun features such as stats, leaderboards, milestones, powerups, curses, battles, streaks, and more!

All around the world.

Our team is based in 17 countries and speaks over 30 languages. With a flexible remote working structure, we are able to create from all around the planet.

Our Values

Experience Imagination Teamwork

One of our biggest priorities is fostering an engaging and fun player experience. Our players are behind every design decision we make. We are always in communication with our players and apply their feedback directly into our projects.

Life at bremea

As a fully-remote company, we operate in our own creative process.

Our hiring process

We have an extensive hiring process to ensure candidates are fit for their role.

Our work

We build interactive experiences. Get to know what exactly it is we do.

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